ARTOS – For testers by testers

ARTOS (ART Of SystemTesting) is an open source, cross-platform test automation framework having feature sets which can be used by amateur, skilled and highly skilled testers. Its scalable architecture enables easy addition of new features and seamless use of existing features.

If any of the below listed requirements worry you, then rest assured Artos is the solution.

  • Want to write a manual test case but maintain it under the framework?
  • Want to generate nice looking test reports without getting into the coding of it?
  • Want to group the test cases and execute only a selection of them?
  • Want to have one unified test framework which can be used for Unit testing, functional testing, system testing and end-to-end testing?
  • Want to run parallel testing?
  • Want to smartly skip a test while not impacting the rest of the test suite execution?
  • Want to easily calculate PASS/FAIL count, get coverage as well as test case importance and present to management (in presentable form) in just no time?
  • Want to segregate between development and production tests for DevOps environment?

Name any such requirement and Artos has platform ready to be scaled and used.

Artos has made sure to cater to the expectations and requirements of both testers as well as test management; as we understand they both go hand-in-hand to achieve a test delivery.

Artos not only accommodates existing (test framework) feature requirements, but also has come up with absolutely new features (namely Known-To-Fail test status, test importance levels, error highlighter in logs, profile management for development and production phases etc.) which shall make automation testing comfortable as well as enjoyable.

From stunning looking GUI for test case selection to awesomely detailed logs, Artos has covered the length and breadth of testing needs; keeping in mind present day technologies and future expansion/enhancement prospects.

While most other test frameworks find it difficult to integrate itself with the DevOps environment, or the testers find it difficult to constantly change the DevOps test script file for different variations of testing needs, Artos easily integrates with DevOps environment and it self-generates test script file which DevOps pipeline can read from; reducing the burden on the testers.

Testers can utilize their time and energy into developing more test scenarios and test cases, rather than getting into the nitty-gritty of the test automation framework, as Artos guarantees that if used it correctly, it needs least maintenance in return to continuously working awesome test framework.

Artos although is an all-in-one solution for today’s testing world’s need, we proudly term it as next-generation test framework owing to its powerful feature set and capabilities. Last but not the least, for all those high-tech organizations reading this, if you and your team are into cutting-edge test frameworks, you might want to give it a try and see its beauty for yourself. And for all those testing enthusiasts reading this, if you want to perfect your test automation craft (using a light weight and trusted solution) and accelerate your career then start learning/exploring Artos now. We believe in ‘seeing is believing’ and once you shall see our framework; you are sure to love it!



ARTOS (ART Of SystemTesting) – A Test Automation Framework – Like No Other !!!

New You!!!

As the new year’s bell rings hard on every ear, as the new year’s colors shine bright in every eye, as the new year’s resolutions flurry in the air – its high time we realize that these are mere short term and impermanent in nature. These are all non-living things happening to a living you and nothing else.

What we must resolve for on a new year is to become our newer self. We must work towards and look forward to welcoming our newer self rather than looking for new temporary solutions.

How do we do that?

It’s not that straight forward or easy. But, worthy thing do not come easy in our lives isnt it?. Hence, on this occasion of new year, let us work upon ourselves and remove all the toxins from our lives. Few simple majors which can be taken are:

  • Do not get into unending/worthless arguments/debates. Rather put that time and energy onto doing something productive or something that makes you more happier.
  • Give wings to positive and energetic thoughts rather than stale, outdated, hackneyed, moribund, outlived, cumbersome thoughts and memories.
  • Fill yourselves with new ideas, try to out do your own performance and excel.
  • Learn to forgive quickly but dont forget the lessons learned.
  • Love more. World is love deprived, so you do your genuine bit please.
  • Visit new places, undertake adventures, meet new people, share ideas.
  • Keep yourself always fresh and healthy.

Lastly, know that life is always going to be both honey sweet as well as lemon sour. There will be ups and downs, some moments anticipated and some surprises; whatever life has to shower onto you – embrace it with all your might and keep living/loving your life/yourself.

You are awesome. You are living. You are alive.

So here’s wishing each one of you a HAPPY NEW YOU !!!

Noor E Rishte

Anjana sa mod aa gaya

Daar har ore cha gaya

Pal bhar main jane kyun sab kho gaya


Saanse ruk si gayi

Waqt tham sa gaya

Pal bhar main jane kyun sab kho gaya


Khwab toot sare gaye

Rishte choot sare gaye

Pal bhar main jane kyun sab kho gaye


Aankhein naam ho gaye

Zubaan band ho gaye

Pal bhar main jane kyun sab kho gaye



Kaha choot gayi woh shaitaaniyan,

College mein thi jo sikhi woh shaitaaniyan

Baaton mein jo thi ghulti woh shaitaaniyan
Mumma se jo kabhi na chuppti woh shaitaaniyan
Maan ko joh thi tatolti woh shaitaaniyan
Sabko joh thi bhati woh shaitaaniyan
Dil ko joh thi behlati woh shaitaaniyan
Doston ko joh thi satati woh shaitaaniyan
Najaane kaha gum ho gayi aaj woh pyarri Shaitaaniyan…..

Wings to fly

As flower buds are meant to blossom
Indicates to us that its autumn
When birds do the sing
You can feel your heart go ding
Water that keeps flowing
Reminds us of a universal knowing
Flowers, Birds, Water – are here to tell us a tale
Which no ordinary can ever entail
Take your life for your own stroll
And not make it an audience poll
Your wings are meant for flying
Definitely not for mere dying
When you soar up high and look back
That’s when you shall realize what you had lacked

Fun Testing

Yes, testing is fun! Especially software testing, the fun is double 🙂

Having been bitten by the testing bug almost 3 yrs back, I still vividly remember the day I volunteered to step into the testing team from the development team to help my organization (and myself 😉 ) in testing and delivering a quality product.

The initial days went fine but soon the demon ‘Finish Testing Soon’ came harsh on us. I felt it was a major wrong decision of my life but as a Smart tester won’t raise the Red flag unless being double sure (about the bug); I too didn’t raise my Red flag then.

Thank Goodness that I didn’t raise the flag. Today I thoroughly enjoy my testing profession. There is so much to unlearn (because the technology and/or way of doing is changing) and learn (because learning to test every domain is never gonna end). And finding a good balance of learning and unlearning is what made me a FAN of TESTING.

Be it manual testing or automation, the thrill it brings with itself is above par. Be it finding bugs in your own automation code or finding in other’s (so-called) ‘Dev-tested’ code, the feeling of contentment and achievement in both the cases is Just Awesome! It’s like tasting the sweetest and hard-earned desert after having a lavish dinner. Yummmmm……

Oh, yes of course; certifications play an equally important role in letting others know what you already know. Having self jumped into the pool of testing, I knew certification can be a good swimsuit to wear and yet again, I self-taught myself the ISTQB syllabus and my my the feeling of getting certified through self-learning definitely taught me more than just the syllabus and it set me on the ‘learning boat’ with greater acceleration.

My endnote to all the awesome testers out there….know that you are in an awesome profession, doing a great job (onto yourself and to the wider community). So keep learning, exploring, testing, bugging 😉 , communicating and sharing with the wider testing community.

Cheers to all of us!!!